Peak DeFi

Peak DeFi is another token that has generated some momentum this past month. It has been around for a couple of years so far and has survived the growing pains of creating a new market. Peak has recently been audited and will be on a major DeFi search engine by the end of March of 2021. This is a giant step for this token.

Peak brings companies and communities together in an unique market place. Peak also allows you to invest peak tokens in a liquidity pool, called staking, paying interest by the second. You choose 10 days, 100 days or 1000 days. The longer the term you invest in, the greater the reward. The rewards can be withdrawn at any time or you can reinvest them for more rewards.

Peak is found on the Binance Smart Chain, where the gas fees are much lower than the fees on the Ethereum Blockchain at the present time. The transaction are also much faster. In order to buy Peak tokens you need to purchase BNB, Binance’s own token. Once you have BNB, go to Pancake Swap to make the exchange. Pancake Swap also has a program that you can invest in, with Cake and Syrup.

You can use the Binance wallet on your phone or on your PC, or load the Binance Smart Chain into your Meta Mask wallet. This can be done using the info provided below, loaded into Custom RPC.

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain – New RPC URL: – Chain ID: 56 – Symbol: BNB – Block Explorer URL:

To learn more about Peak and how it works, go to this link;

To learn more about Binance or to use the Binance Exchange, follow this link;


NRGY DeFi Token

Decentralized Finance

NRGY DeFi token is the hottest thing on the crypto market right now. Defi (Decentralized Finance) is the latest cryptocurrency trend. In the summer of 2020, DeFi tokens were worth under a billion dollars, in March of 2021 they are worth more than 38 billion. What does that tell you…… that they are here to stay!

NRGY is the first DeFi coin with an elastic supply, which means, when new liquidity comes in, only then can new coins be minted and produced. It is also the first DeFi coin where every holder of said coin is also a liquidity provider. It is like DeFi having it’s own App store. Many developers, new and old, will want to build apps on this outstanding platform because it is so liquid.

There are no advantages to the creators of the first true decentralized DeFi coin. With this, there are no influencer fees, developer fees or no pre-mined supply of coins kept in someones back pocket to come out at a later date. It’s actually designed the same way that Bitcoin was designed. This makes it a level playing field for everyone to use. That’s another reason developers will want to build their apps on this token. The big advantage we have right now is that we’re on the forefront of this incredible DeFi coin.

The NRGY token is completely DECENTRALIZED. It is not hosted by any centralized server, or have a registered domain name like most of the DeFi coins out in the market now. The Interplanetary File System, know as IPFS is where this coin is hosted and it’s fast, very fast. This is the only DeFi coin using the IPFS technology. Just one more reason developers will want to build their apps here and why the crypto world will want to be a part of this.

When you join this community, you’re not giving your money to a company, or putting into an exchange. But, you will have full control of your funds at all time. Your money goes into a liquidity pool done through an Ethereum Smart Contract, and you can withdraw your money anytime you want to. There is no KYC (Know Your Client) process like there is with an exchange. Lastly…. you are NEVER at the mercy of government, banks, companies or exchanges.

Here is a link to NRGY DeFi;

You can earn 4 different ways with NRGY;

Earn on the coin value, as the liquidity is increased, the value of the coin increases.

You can earn from stacking NRGY @4% weekly on your money up to 100 weeks. Roughly until the end of the month, it’s 10%.

Another way to earn 25% of stacking revenue, is by inviting people to the NRGY platform. This pays on two tiers – Tier 1 – 15% and Tier 2 – 10%

Lastly, you can earn 20% of all Dapp revenue if you’re a stack holder of 25 plus tokens.

Watch a Video about NRGY;

Click here to watch;

For more information and a longer more detailed explanation from the creators of the program click here;

Smart Contract

A Smart Contract is like no other contract in the world, it’s Code is Law. These cannot be altered or changed in any way once they are completed. No government, lawyer or banker can control it. As far as that goes, even hackers cannot get into a contract and remove or change any of the contents. Once a Smart Contract is made and put on the block-chain it is final, even the creator of the contract cannot make any changes to it. This is what Decentralized means, completely eliminating any human factor from making any kind of decisions to the contract.

A Smart Contract even has the capabilities of receiving, storing and sending currency, even with another smart contract. When you don’t have to deal with a third party, it makes the contract not only secure, but fast. It can be completed any time of the day, seven days a week. This makes it not only transparent, but also very cost efficient. Also, a smart contract can be sold over and over again. I could sell one to someone, and that person could sell it to another person, and that person can sell it, and we could do this over and over as many times as we wanted. Tens, hundreds, even a thousand times over, it is endless.

The Smart Contract that Forsage uses is with the Ethereum Block-chain. Four computers from around the world needs to verify the transaction before it is complete. These four computers (called miners) can be anywhere, in any country, or all in the same country. No one knows which computer is going to approve the transaction. That is what makes the block-chain so secure, so trusting, so powerful.


As shown in the above picture, the future of these contracts are going to be in big demand. Bankers, lawyers, medical services, insurance companies and real estate brokers are just a fraction of the people that will be using this incredible contract of the future. Once it’s gone through the block-chain, a record of that transaction will always be available to verify its existence. These contracts have a very, very bright future.

For more about Forsage Ethereum Smart Contracts go to;

Forsage – ETH (Ethereum) Matrix

Forsage is the new kid on the block. Another first, Forsage is the only Smart Contract for ETH that is a completely Decentralized Matrix Project. Here 100% of the income goes directly to the members of the project with Zero % (0) risk. This works on the Ethereum Blockchain with revolutionary smart contract technology, which executes the program automatically and in a decentralized way. Because there are no administrators, making it impossible for anyone to change the code or to hack the system. When you’re dealing with centralized cryptocurrency projects, there are always fingers in the cookie jar, making them very unsure and unsafe.


Forsage never handles the Crypto or puts it in any centralized location. It goes from the program directly into your crypto wallet, making this completely secure. I’m using MetaMask for my crypto wallet, and I have a video below showing how to get one. (This will show you how to start =). Once you have a wallet set up, you control the private keys to that wallet. Just as long as you do not share your keys with anyone, your wallet is very safe and secure. As soon as the ETH is in your wallet, you can upgrade in the program or just exchange it to cash. No obligations, it’s yours to do as you like. But keep in mind, the more you upgrade, the more ETH you make.

All transactions on the Ethereum blockchain are not only secure, but the smart contracts are completely transparent. It doesn’t cost a lot to join Forsage, you can start with as little as .05 ETH. (At the time of this writing, it was about $25 U.S.). And the income potential is literally unlimited. Once one of the slots starts generating ETH, it can keep cycling over and over again. From there you can do as much or as little as you want. If you want to make money, (like a lot of other people around the world), then you have to do some work.

This isn’t a get rich quick gimmick. You need to put some effort in and have others join in with you. But hey, who doesn’t want to make money. And it’s not like it’s hard laborious work. In fact it can be fun, especially when you can check your page every-day and watch your Ethereum growing. Because we have a team working together, making this a much more enjoyable journey. We have a team to help with whatever problems you may run into. The team also helps grow your line, so you’re never alone.

New Program Launched

When Forsage launched in Feb. 2020, it had two platforms, X3 & X4. Each platform has 12 positions. As the positions get filled, they recycle. This goes on forever, as long as it keeps being used. On Jan 3 2021 a new platform was launched, called XGold. This platform has 15 positions and works on the same principle as X3 & X4. There are more spaces to fill in XGold, but at the end of the day, you can make 10 times more then the amount you started with. You must be in at least position one in both X3 & X4 in order to buy into XGold.

You can learn more here =

This tells you a bit more about it =

To register please contact me at – and I will send you the registration link.

To learn more about Smart Contracts go to;


Whenever the Ethereum Blockchain gets really busy, gas fees go up. The gas fees are like transportation costs. The more the demand, the higher they go. There is a new Ethereum 2 coming out, apparently it’s already developed but still in the launching stages. Could be a year yet, no one knows for sure. Once this happens, transactions will go through much quicker and gas fees will be a lot cheaper, by a lot.

In the mean time, there is a way to adjust the gas price. I’m including a short video that Mike Klingler made, showing how to do this in MetaMask. If you are using other programs, it may be different. One of the main things to remember is to keep the ‘gas limit’ over 500,000. I set mine at 1,000,000, especially when gas fees are high, or you may run out of gas and lose that amount. That lost fee cannot be recovered.

Here is the link to the video;

Message Me @

Understanding The Program

In this video, Mike explains how Forsage works and why it will keep working for years to come. Ethereum offers what most other Crypto’s do not, a smart contract. And the Crypto that fuels this is Ether. Now that the Ethereum Smart Contracts can be Decentralized and Ethereum 2.0 is being launched, the sky’s the limit. More governments, bankers, lawyers, real estate agencies and the general public will be using these contracts on a daily basis. Most other Crypto’s only offer a token that can collapse at any given time, whereas Ethereum offers a real ‘value added’ to an every day commodity.

Click on the following link to watch;

Very Common Question; Is Forsage a Ponzi Scheme?

What is a Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi scheme — is a planned fraudulent operation that has an obvious outcome. It’s a bubble that will inevitably burst for a number of reasons:

· Firstly, in a Ponzi scheme, old participants get paid with the money from new participants. But sooner or later the scheme operator decides to pull it to keep their profits. It’s mathematically impossible for this scheme to go on forever anyway.

· Secondly, a Ponzi scheme is always centralized! Every pyramid has an operator who can push the proverbial button to stop payouts and claim all the money. And once that happens, the pyramid is done.

Why is FORSAGE not a Ponzi scheme?

Here’s why FORSAGE doesn’t have a single thing in common with the scheme above:

  • All transactions are made between users: from wallet to wallet;
  • FORSAGE smart contract balance is always zero;
  • Also, FORSAGE doesn’t have an administrator who could terminate the project;
  • And yes, FORSAGE is 100% decentralized;
  • Investment math doesn’t apply here, what’s more, there is no investment to speak of.

Does FORSAGE have a product?

Yes! Requirements of a material product is an obsolete stereotype, because when you become a FORSAGE community member, you get a product — a digital one, like an application or a game. Having bought it once, you can sell it an unlimited number of times! You don’t have to meet a monthly quota like in multi-level marketing projects with material products.

Do old FORSAGE participants earn money from new participants?

No. If you don’t do anything and simply sit around waiting, there is no way to earn money with FORSAGE. The platform is built on blockchain technology, works without human intervention and will continue working no matter what happens. It doesn’t matter if you joined the community half a year ago or just now — you have all the chances of earning a great income!

Let’s sum it up:

First off, FORSAGE is fully decentralized, it doesn’t have an administrator who can decide to close down the project.

The smart contract balance stays empty, and all transactions are made between participant wallets.

Also, FORSAGE has a product, but it’s a digital one that can be sold an unlimited number of times. (Smart Contract)

Doesn’t matter when you join the community — if you work, you get paid.

Nobody can intervene in the platform’s operation. If you invite a new participant — you get paid directly to your wallet.

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