Zoom for Business

Zoom is a very popular tool used among Internet business owners and marketers.

Almost daily, we use Zoom in small-group meetings. When we want to share our video camera, but more often, when we need to show our screen to one another over the Internet. Skype is good, but the video/audio quality is far more stable with Zoom.

To hold marketing webinars or to review slide presentations and to share our computer screens with large audiences, we like to use Zoom.

You can attend LIVE, and you can record the webinar, that way you can share the replay in your marketing funnel. You can use these replay videos in your automated presentations for months or years to come.

Create Your First Online Course with Zoom!

Zoom has been creating first online course for many people. Here’s how it’s commonly done and taught:

Market your course as a ‘Live group coaching’ course. And you say it’s going to be starting soon. Give a date, but when some of the biggest names in the industry today tell their story about creating their first online course, they kept piling in more participants for that first one, so they had to keep changing their start dat. So don’t try to be a perfectionist. It’s all going to work out.

After you have a small group gathered together, you use Zoom to record the Live sessions (maybe have a session once per week for 4 weeks, (as an example).

You take the recording of those sessions and that now becomes the permanent course you put into your membership site. You now have an ever-green course to sell (evergreen means, keep selling it over and over on auto-pilot without you having to personally keep teaching the material over again)!

It’s a Great Video Screen Capture Tool

There are many software options out there that let you record what you see on your computer screen. And that’s great for presentations. But we almost always use Zoom because it’s so easy and requires no video editing when done.

We just record it and load it up with a push of a button. No editing. Super fast and easy!

So even when we’re not doing a Live webinar, many of our videos you see that include presentation slides (or where you see us walking people through a webpage on our computer)… these all use Zoom.

We couldn’t do business without Zoom. It’s definitely a tool we recommend.

Zoom’s plans are priced very reasonably.

Learn More about Zoom Pricing and Plans Here

Increasing Lead Value

Increasing Lead Value, If you want your online marketing to make you a lot more money…

And you want absolute control over hitting your income targets…

Then you MUST focus on tracking your Average Lead Value and Average Customer Value.

Average Lead & Customer Value

Your Average Lead or Average Customer Value is just what it sounds like… It’s what each lead or customer – on average – earns you.

Your goal is to track these values so you start testing to increase it.

Let’s be clear… You can’t market effectively if you’re skipping this process. And that’s exactly what most are doing and why they struggle in their business.

There are 5 things you can do to directly increase these values.

One you start tracking your lead and customer value, you can apply Cashflow Optimization to increase what you earn. This is precisely how you take complete control over the steering wheel of your income.

This Applies to ALL Business Types…

You might be a coach, consultant, agency, network marketer or affiliate marketer — it doesn’t matter WHAT you’re doing… you’re not going to make it if you can’t incrementally increase what you earn per lead and customer. You’re Increasing Lead Value.

So if you’re serious about your goals, whatever they may be, and you plan to leverage the Internet to accomplish those goals, it’s not a question of IF you should be tracking your lead value. The only question is… “Where do I start?”

How to Start Tracking Your Lead Value So You Can Take the Wheel of Your Income

First, you need a marketing funnel system.

Don’t listen to anyone who says you don’t.

And realize that if anyone is doing well online but they’re telling you funnels don’t work, they gotta’ funnel of their own but they’re just pretending it’s not there. Every. Single. Time.

You can’t track your lead value or increase what you earn with any level of predictability without a marketing funnel. Said another way…

You can’t win in business without a marketing funnel. Period.

So What Exactly is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is an automated process that attracts people to what you offer, educates them about it, and makes it easier for them to buy.

Within that funnel you get to add more and more offers, and test different parts of the process to consistently improve what funnel earns you. It’s a big deal.

If you’re not doing it you’re not really marketing in a way that sets you up to win. This is how you’re Increasing Lead Value.

To set-up a marketing funnel system you have two options:

1. Set the marketing funnel system up on your own WordPress site (you’re on a WordPress site now)

2. Use a system like Kartra (far better than Clickfunnels).

* We use both WordPress and Kartra but you could just choose one. We’ll return to how to know which one to choose.

Let’s Look Closer at the Marketing Funnel & How it Automates Income (While Allowing You to Increase that Income with Predictability and Control)

The marketing funnel consists of a number of pages and components. Below are the most important to consider to help you quickly understand how it all works…

Lead Capture Page

This is where you drive your traffic and collect leads. This may be just their email address, or it could include answers to questions so you can have your funnel put the right information and offers in front of them that are specific to exactly what they want. You want their email so you can automate a follow-up process that allows them to get to know you and learn about everything you offer… and to make it easy for them to buy.

Lead Magnet

This is something you offer the prospect for free (or low cost) so they give you their email. The Lead Magnet is something useful to your prospect in the form of a webinar, ebook, or video. It could even be a physical book you ship if they agree pay for shipping and handling. It can even be a free consultation but this is only recommended if you’re a selling high-ticket (a product or service over $1000 and ideally set-up on a recurring basis over $1000 per month).

Landing Page

This is where the person lands after entering their email. This is important to the funnel because this is where you place the Ad Tracking pixel or other ‘traffic pixel’ so your system can track where your leads are coming from and how various marketing is performing. Doing this doesn’t just let you know which ads or social media marketing is performing best, which is obviously important. It also lets you test and improve many areas of the funnel. Tracking is the key to incrementally increasing what you earn and improving automation so you can apply less and less effort to do it.


Now you can track which Lead Capture Pages (and other pages) are bringing you the best results. You can test different “Lead Magnets” to see which produces more leads or people who are much more apt to purchase. You can test different sales pages or email follow up sequences. Your marketing now moves from being a guessing game to you knowing exactly what to do to increase your results on a regular basis. Kartra makes this simpler to do than ever before in the history of the Internet, but you can also do this using WordPress along with a tool called ClickMagick to accomplish all this.

Cashflow Optimization

Once you have tracking in place, which is nothing more than using tracking tools at key locations within your marketing funnel, you can employ Cashflow Optimization. These are Five simple steps that allow you to literally increase what you earn at will.

With a marketing funnel and tracking in place, you can now write your own ticket by applying Cashflow Optimization. You’re now able to see what you earn per lead and customer, and more important, see if a simple change to anywhere within your funnel has increased what you earn per lead or not. If so you keep it and try another Cashflow Optimization step. If not you don’t keep it. It’s how you ensure you earn more and more with less and less effort. You remove the guesswork and become a pro! You’re Increasing Lead Value!

You can’t fail if you implement it because the data tells you what to do.

Learn how you can use the same Marketing Funnel We Use – that’s already set up and ready to go!

Learn how we can help you build your own Marketing Funnel System to sell what YOU offer (coaching, consulting, book, events, product, etc)

Affiliate Programs, Choosing the Right One

There are so many affiliate programs out there to choose from. Some are very lucrative, some not so much. A lot has to do with ‘how much volume can you generate’? Let’s say you make 80% of a $2000 deal, ($1600) you don’t have to sell a lot to make a descent living. If your making 10% on a $30 deal, ($3.00) guess what…..you’re going to be very busy to make the same amount of dollars. It’s all about the numbers, but now, if you can make 10% on a $30 deal of off 1000 people, ($3.00 x 1000 = $3,000) you’re way ahead of the game.

It is because of the number’s that Network Marketing does so well. It’s a referral program that just keeps giving and giving. The bills you keep getting every month are called ‘Residual Bills’, because every month there they are. The rent or mortgage payment, power, gas, food, prescriptions, phone, internet and cable bills. Every month, just like clock work. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had ‘Residual Income’ coming in every month, because the bills aren’t going to stop. With Network Marketing, you can make this happen, and it does. One of my mentors makes more in a week than the majority of people make in a year. I’m going to share a Youtube video with you, and I want you to keep in mind that this is a few months old, he’s doing even better now.


I belong to a bunch of affiliate programs, a lot of them that are on this web site, but the one I like the most is My Daily Choice. It’s so diversified, and all of the products that I’ve tried and used are top of the line. I use the Spray’s everyday and I can’t say enough about them. I believe ANYONE who tries them will be more than pleased. You can learn more about this Great Network Market right here at https://rcpryce.com/category/my-daily-choice/ . Or you can go to the site listed below for a FREE tour. By the way, just like other great marketing companies, (like Amazon), you can sign up to this one for FREE also. https://www.winwithmdc.com/cp94/ruready


Udimi Solo ads

Udimi is a solo ads marketplace that have international sellers and where buyers can get in contact with each other to trade solo ads deals. The site is free to sign up and the best thing about it, it has an affiliate program.

Invite your friends to Udimi and earn 15% from all their orders + up to 50% from all Prime referrals. All payments are recurring and lifetime! If your referral makes 100 orders, you’ll get 15% from every order.

For more information on Udimi click here.

Become a ‘JV Partner’ with Kartra

Kartra JV Affiliate Program

     Kartra JV affiliate program is how many people have earned thousands of dollars every month referring others to their site, and this can go on month after month, year after year. As an affiliate you receive 40% commission on the first sale, after that you can receive an additional 10% for every sale that your affiliates makes. These are called JV Brokers.

Got a network of affiliates who are ready to crush it with Kartra? Sign up as a 2nd tier JV Partner, and earn a 10% for life of every sale and recurring payment generated by your affiliates.

A lot of people became very wealthy with many other referral programs. This isn’t anything new, the affiliate market has been going on for years and years. It’s their two tier program that really makes this one appealing and where it can go on for years, as long as people keep renewing.

Now, Kartra is the big dog on the block, because they cover everything a email marketer could ever want, all in one place. Period.

The timing could not be better, as more and more people are looking for a premier program, and with Kartra’s two tier pay-out, this could provide a life time of Affiliate Commissions referring people into the JV program.

 If you want to know how to join this two-tier program, click on the link below. 

You can join my Kartra JV Network here. (IT’S FREE)

Just sign up with Kartra if your serious about affiliate marketing. Once you sign up, you’ll have a short form to fill out before getting approved from them. They will email you to activate your account, once that’s done, you can start promoting their site.   

Would you like to sign up to the Kartra program, click here.

All Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs increase your cash-flow and the ability to scale up your marketing significantly, you should always be on the look out for some reliable programs. You can add these to your marketing funnels and your auto emails.

On this post, you’ll find Mike Klingler’s Top Affiliate Picks for 2020. These are programs offers that Mike personally includes in his own marketing. These will boost automated cash-flow while providing some goodwill to his list.

The programs in Mike’s “Top Picks” are for the online affiliate marketing niche. This includes online marketers, bloggers, consultants, educators, entrepreneurs, coaches and online course creators — Pretty well anyone using the Internet to generate cash-flow.

Affiliate Programs for Other Topics & Niches

But first, let’s make sure you understand how Affiliate Marketing can be used. In order to increase lead and customer value, you will need to know the concept. Because once you learn how to do that, you can literally increase your cash-flow at will.

Automated Selling is the key to Affiliate Marketing

To boost your Average Lead & Customer Value using Affiliate Marketing, you will need to pay close attention, because it is a GAME CHANGER.

To achieve this, you add affiliate offers into your automated emails and you’ll be able to generate a lot more cash-flow on the same amount of leads, and it becomes automated income. Now you can scale up your advertising, all without any additional out-of-pocket expense. Mike calls this the “Zero-cost Ad Strategy.

But What If You Don’t Need the ‘Zero Cost ad strategy’ and Use Free Marketing Methods instead.

Well for one thing, everyone should consider doing some kind of ads, at some point, especially if you can do it at no out-of-pocket expense.

But let’s say you decide to promote all your business exclusively through free marketing ‘such as social media,’ you will still want to increase your cash-flow with the same leads you generate. Otherwise, you may be wasting time on social media without a decent return.

By adding multiple affiliate programs into your automated emails, you will be increasing cash-flow on the same leads you generate.

Do You Think That The Top Marketer’s have a Secret Behind Their Success? Well…..They DO!

In order to have the resources to drive ads that create more social engagement, they use affiliate marketing through the automation system. That is the SECRET behind many of the top marketers. That is how they can garner so much attention on social media. They earn more cash-flow on the same leads without changing their marketing efforts. This all happens behind the scenes, where the general public never see’s how the marketing really works.

This kind of engagement is giving them more results with the same amount of time invested, and THAT in turn gives them more LEVERAGE, plus free time to work on their other programs. This greatly improves their social media content, which brings them even better results. Once they get easier and easier results, this will also BOOST their confidence and then it all starts to really FLOW.

Others use it to scale up ads almost exclusively, instead of using social media, which then drives the growth of their email list. And since those emails link into offers, it drives up sales and creates more cash-flow.

Whether you want to use social media or not, it’s really easy to see why those using affiliate marketing to boost their cash-flow, have such a HUGE advantage over everyone else online.

The point I’m making is… you can be doing this too! In fact, it’s rather foolish if you’re not doing this!

Optimization: is the Name of the Game

Adding multiple income streams into your automated email system, is just one of the most lucrative cash-flow optimization strategies, of the five that Mike teaches. Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Bob Proctor of The Secret does it. Just about every influencer you know does it. It’s how you make enough money to market properly.

Create Multiple Streams of Income Using Affiliate Marketing

It’s so important to understand that. THIS is how most successful online entrepreneurs got to where they are. They increase their cash-flow on the same number of leads, by putting affiliate offers in the auto-emails. While everyone else is wondering what they’re doing wrong, these people are creating extra cash-flow. This is how they can afford to shine more light on their social media profiles and lead capture pages.

By creating a lot of their own offers, a few top marketers go about achieving multiple streams of automated income. It’s not a great starting point,
because this can take many years to develop

Now listen up, this is important! I’m going to tell you again.

The majority of successful marketers, share affiliate programs within their auto-email sequence, particularly early on, to set-up multiple streams of income so they don’t have to create all the offers themselves.

It doesn’t matter how you create multiple income streams, either through your own offers, or through affiliate offers, the point is the same. You can get an ever-increasing stream of cash-flow that you get to use to scale up or to advertise and to invest in other ways to promote your brand.

The You Must Choose Affiliate Programs That Are Valuable.

The affiliate programs you choose must help your audience get closer to their goal, and they must be valuable to your list. Meaning, the offers you share must or make the process easier and faster.

You must Share helpful Affiliate Offers! This will Increase Your Long-term Customer Value

Always put helpful offers in front of your list, this will increase future purchases on other offers or products you recommend.

Your Probably asking Why?

When people purchase something from you, and it actually ends up BENEFITING them, they are more then likely to purchase from you again. They’re probably going to purchase more expensive offers (higher ticket items) you recommend.

Adding affiliate programs doesn’t just give you more cash-flow from the sale of the affiliate programs, it also increases long-term sales on any OTHER offers you share with them.

This way you’re increasing your Average Customer Value ( in other words, what each of these customers are worth to you over the course of a lifetime).

That’s the whole point of this, is how you want to start thinking about your online marketing efforts going forward from here. You always want to look at ways to increase what you earn per customer and per lead.

THIS is what you call strategy.

You want to generate more and more cash-flow without investing more time.

The Way To Increase Your Monthly Income is to Increase Your Lead Value

The way you earn more per lead, is to add more top affiliate programs strategically packed into your funnel (including exit pop-ups, auto-email sequences, and at the end of a check-out process)… . That’s what makes it BIG.

This is the easiest and fastest way to increase your average lead value and in turn, your monthly income. This is where you have the most control.

Get a Verity of Affiliate Programs Ranging from Low Ticket to High-Ticket

Affiliate programs you’ll find below on Mike’s Top Affiliate Picks List are LOW TICKET programs (they don’t pay a lot), but to your audience who are buying this products, these programs are providing them with a lot of value. This is how you build trust and this greatly increases the likelihood they will buy from you again. Some other affiliate programs in Mike’s Top Affiliate Picks List are HIGH TICKET programs (they pay a lot), and were chosen for the high value they provide your list.

When you sign up as an affiliate with some of the programs below, you can earn significant amounts of commissions. A lot of these are free to register with, allowing you to generate commissions without ever having to purchase the product. Other ones require you to purchase before you can become an affiliate so that way you’ve experienced the program that you’re recommending.

I’m going to show you how to generate commissions with affiliate marketing by being selective in the programs that you choose, and by applying marketing minimalism (that’s doing more with less). This blog is a very good example of minimalism.

Do you want a blog just like this one for just $99?

Here’s what the bottom line is, you want to generate cash-flow and get control over increasing that cash-flow as much as you can. Because once you do that, you’ll be able to write your own ticket. You’re not going to create that lifestyle you’re seeking if you can’t get this figured out.

Let’s take look at what Mike has:

Mike Klingler’s Top Affiliate Picks

Below is a running list of all the Affiliate Programs we’re referring our list into, and that we teach others how to use to generate cashflow, too. We’ll be adding new affiliate offers to this list all the time. If you want to stay up-to-date on all of this, then bookmark this page and check back often to keep on top of it.

You’ll find links below to learn more about each of these resources or if you’d like to purchase any of these products..

The Top Affiliate Programs Mike Recommends. You Should Consider Becoming an Affiliate for the Following:

Mike’s complete list, last updated on July 30th, 2019…

1. Profit Platform – this is the Same System Mike Uses for Lead Generation & Affiliate Cash-flow

Profit Platform by Predictable Systems gives you a complete system (the same one Mike uses), including a blog just like the one you’re using now. It even provides you with the information to put in it and then shows you how to customize it, so it’s unique to you. But that’s just the tip of this tall iceberg. The system also includes all the marketing funnel components, these are the tools you’ll need to start automating your marketing, creating lead generation and finally, sales commissions. Learn more about Profit Platform here.

2.Starter Blog for Affiliates

The Starter Blog for Affiliates is for people on a Budget but want a blog that looks just like the one you’re currently on. You will get a Word Press blog set up for you and then you’ll learn how to use it to post your own content. You’ll learn how and where to generate free traffic using SEO (search engine optimization), which is one of the first big steps to generating an affiliate commission income stream online.

The Blog cost a one time fee of $99.

Purchasing the Affiliate Starter Blog

3.The All-in-One Marketing Platform Solution – KARTRA

If you want to create marketing funnels and automate sales, then Kartra is the program you may want to use. It’s Free to become an affiliate with Kartra. This is better than Clickfunnels, LeadPages and Builderall. It’s about the same price as the others, but has more bang for your buck than the rest, hands down, and it includes an email system. Mass email SMTPs to deliver your mailing campaigns to your users. They integrate with SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic Mail and Postmark. On top of that, every Kartra account is provisioned with Kartra Mail, our own SMTP gateway in case you don’t want to plug in your own. Become an Affiliate with Kartra

Kartra really is an All-In-One Marketing Platform

4. Aweber – Email Marketing

Aweber – is an email system that you can set up auto-emails, just load in your emails, pick the day and time you want them sent out and don’t worry about them, and you can send your entire list in one swoop. You can connect it to your lead capture page, which in turn, you can set up on your blog.

You won’t need Aweber if you’re using Kartra, because that program comes with it’s own email system and probably has the best email delivery rates in the entire industry. You’ll definitely want your own email system in order to send follow-up emails to your list if you don’t have Kartra. Learn about their affiliate program here.

Check out about Aweber here.

5. ClickMagick – Optimization & Tracking

ClickMagick – If you’re using Kartra you won’t need ClickMagick, that’s because Kartra has everything you will need. This is for people that aren’t using Kartra and you want to do a number of other Pro Tricks that allow you to increase your lead value, track where your leads are coming from, split-test and hit income targets with real control, then you really should look at getting ClickMagic.
You can become an affiliate of ClickMagick for free

6. Upviral – Marketing System

What’s unique here is, Upviral is a place where they use Sweepstakes and Reward programs to generate a mass amounts of leads. They are a low-cost, powerful tool to add onto your lead forms. This in turn can exponentially increase lead results on the same cost, making it well worth the investment. You can learn about Upviral Affiliate Program here.

Click here for Upviral Products

7. Zoom – Leading Video Product

Zoom – Zoom is such a wonderful tool for doing webinars, you can use it with slides or with video, group video meetings, or just going one-on-one. It’s easy & fast to use and they are very reputable.
Check out Zoom here

You must be a paying costumer to join their Affiliate program.

8. Fiverr – Freelancers for Hire

Fiverr is great for hiring designers or assistants on a number of needs, they have freelancers to cover every niche in the market. This is a very low cost option. You can hire freelancers at a very competitive rate, rewriting posts, designing logo’s, for as little as 5 or 10 dollars. These offer some examples of how you can use Fiverr on a budget. They connect business with freelancers in over 250 different categories.

Sign up with Fiverr for free to use their service

9. VisitingHost: If you Want to be Billed Monthly, this is Better than BlueHost

VisitingHost is an hosting service at a better price than BlueHost if your going to pay on a monthly plan. If you already have a blog, you can transfer it over and save a few bucks a month. If you don’t have a blog yet, you can get it here.

VisitingHost will bill you monthly at $3.99/mo if you don’t want to commit to a yearly plan. Very affordable.

10. Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is a very detailed program put on by Mike Klingler and Robyn Linn. From building a blog, having all the lead pages made up for you, creating a facebook page, creating a YouTube channel and giving you all the content to put into each project. It’s a five (5) milestone course taking you through at least four months of listening to instructional video’s of learning how the Affiliate Market really works. They explain in great detail how to achieve your cash-flow targets and achieve the goals you desire.

You can learn about the Ambassador Program here.


Kartra isn’t just about emails that get sent out automatically and sales driven funnels……..you can also publish, market and track video’s. A video’s marketers dream come true.

Mass email SMTPs to deliver your mailing campaigns to your users. Because they integrate with SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic Mail and Postmark.

On top of that, every Kartra account is provisioned with Kartra Mail, their own SMTP gateway in case you don’t want to plug in your own.

Kartra also gives you a complete set of ready-to-use, stunning pre-made design templates. Use Kartra’s Checkout to sell much more, and much more easier.

It has Live Chat ·Everything is Professionally Designed ·It’s all Fully Integrated · This Was Created To Make Your Online Business Made Easy.

With Kartra’s automated lead scoring and tracking, you’ll increase sales without the hassle of losing leads through the cracks, once installed, they are fully controlled.

Membership portals where you can host your content. They integrate with Kajabi, aMember, Digital Access Pass, Optimize Press, S2 Member and Wishlist.

On top of that, every Kartra account is provisioned with Kartra Memberships.

Kartra also has a two (2) tier affiliate program. To learn more on the affiliate program, check it out here.

AWeber Affiliate Program


Aweber Affiliate Program. Did you know that with AWeber you are eligible for joining their Advocate program? It costs nothing to join, and is designed to reward their customers for referring other businesses to them. (In fact, they still pay people for accounts they referred over 15 years ago!)

How does it work? When you sign up, you’ll get a unique link from the Aweber Affiliate Program. If someone else clicks that link and signs up for AWeber, you will receive a 30% commission, based on their account invoice, for the life of the account. They also provide all the tools that you will need to be successful — including ads, a dedicated landing page, and webinar content. Please contact them with any questions. They’d love to have you as a member of our Advocate program!

Predictable Systems Profit Platform

Profit Platform

Profit Platform by Predictable Systems. EXCLUSIVE ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ Training is a program like no other one out there. “If You’ve Tried The Other Creating Reliable Life-Changing Income with Various Opportunities & Programs Over the Years, But They Just Didn’t Get You There...then this is the program you’ve been looking for.”

You know what the problem is, you’re using ‘half-baked’ tactics that piecemeal together the marketing— and that’s why you’re not duplicating the success that you’ve seen online from other programs.

For more info click here.

But when marketing is done right, you can predict & hit your income targets with certainty, everytime.

Get the Strategy that produces reliable, consistent, predictable results.

  • Start by building a List, Grow Your Network, Learn how to Market Anything
  • You’ll learn Guru Campaign Secrets, Consistently Hitting Monthly Targets
  • Learn From Marketing Super Powers & How To Attract Online Money
  • Your Mentors are Mike Klingler and Robyn Linn
  • Learn about Predictable Cashflow strategies
  • This program will cover every ‘NICHE’ on the internet
  • Coaches, Consultants, Sales and Business people, Authors, Artist
  • Anyone – From selling toilet seats to High Rise Condo’s can benefit
  • Listen to this FREE introductory that explains what you need to know
  • Click on the link below to learn about Predictable Systems Profit Platform program
  • Click here

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