Hempworx ‘NEW Products’


Hempworx, the product line from My Daily Choice , has introduced some more incredible products. For the time being, these new products are only offered in the United States, partly because of the Corronavirus pandemic we are currently facing. Other then these new products, there are many other products that you will not find anywhere else, especially of this QUALITY. They are so confident of their products, that they have an ‘Empty Bottle 60 day Money Back Guarantee’, no questions asked. You can not go wrong. This company has gone above and beyond with everything they do. If you haven’t tried any of the products yet, please go to https://www.hempworx.com/ruready and check out the web site. I GUARANTEE, you will not be disappointed.

More New products

App called Genius

My Daily Choice has a new app called Genius. You can run your business from anywhere you receive cell service. This is really an incredible tool. Send video’s, landing pages, texts and any other info to your team, prospects or to pre-enrollees. And it is totally FREE to use, as long as your an affiliate with this amazing company.

More NEW Products

Two of these products are UPGRADES, The Revive went from 15 to 30 ml size bottle, double the size and stayed at the same price. Check it our here. The Bath Bombs went from 4 to 6, with 30 ml of CBD oil in them and again, stayed at the old price. The next big launch was for individual Essential oils, SEVEN NEW FRAGRANCES. These go along with the six Essential Oils that they already had. MyDailyChoice is just getting bigger and better all the time. Everything here is also on a 60 day empty bottle Money Back Guarantee! You can not loose, you’re completely guaranteed.

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