NRGY DeFi Token

Decentralized Finance

NRGY DeFi token is the hottest thing on the crypto market right now. Defi (Decentralized Finance) is the latest cryptocurrency trend. In the summer of 2020, DeFi tokens were worth under a billion dollars, in March of 2021 they are worth more than 38 billion. What does that tell you…… that they are here to stay!

NRGY is the first DeFi coin with an elastic supply, which means, when new liquidity comes in, only then can new coins be minted and produced. It is also the first DeFi coin where every holder of said coin is also a liquidity provider. It is like DeFi having it’s own App store. Many developers, new and old, will want to build apps on this outstanding platform because it is so liquid.

There are no advantages to the creators of the first true decentralized DeFi coin. With this, there are no influencer fees, developer fees or no pre-mined supply of coins kept in someones back pocket to come out at a later date. It’s actually designed the same way that Bitcoin was designed. This makes it a level playing field for everyone to use. That’s another reason developers will want to build their apps on this token. The big advantage we have right now is that we’re on the forefront of this incredible DeFi coin.

The NRGY token is completely DECENTRALIZED. It is not hosted by any centralized server, or have a registered domain name like most of the DeFi coins out in the market now. The Interplanetary File System, know as IPFS is where this coin is hosted and it’s fast, very fast. This is the only DeFi coin using the IPFS technology. Just one more reason developers will want to build their apps here and why the crypto world will want to be a part of this.

When you join this community, you’re not giving your money to a company, or putting into an exchange. But, you will have full control of your funds at all time. Your money goes into a liquidity pool done through an Ethereum Smart Contract, and you can withdraw your money anytime you want to. There is no KYC (Know Your Client) process like there is with an exchange. Lastly…. you are NEVER at the mercy of government, banks, companies or exchanges.

Here is a link to NRGY DeFi;

You can earn 4 different ways with NRGY;

Earn on the coin value, as the liquidity is increased, the value of the coin increases.

You can earn from stacking NRGY @4% weekly on your money up to 100 weeks. Roughly until the end of the month, it’s 10%.

Another way to earn 25% of stacking revenue, is by inviting people to the NRGY platform. This pays on two tiers – Tier 1 – 15% and Tier 2 – 10%

Lastly, you can earn 20% of all Dapp revenue if you’re a stack holder of 25 plus tokens.

Watch a Video about NRGY;

Click here to watch;

For more information and a longer more detailed explanation from the creators of the program click here;

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