Affiliate Programs, Choosing the Right One

There are so many affiliate programs out there to choose from. Some are very lucrative, some not so much. A lot has to do with ‘how much volume can you generate’? Let’s say you make 80% of a $2000 deal, ($1600) you don’t have to sell a lot to make a descent living. If your making 10% on a $30 deal, ($3.00) guess what…’re going to be very busy to make the same amount of dollars. It’s all about the numbers, but now, if you can make 10% on a $30 deal of off 1000 people, ($3.00 x 1000 = $3,000) you’re way ahead of the game.

It is because of the number’s that Network Marketing does so well. It’s a referral program that just keeps giving and giving. The bills you keep getting every month are called ‘Residual Bills’, because every month there they are. The rent or mortgage payment, power, gas, food, prescriptions, phone, internet and cable bills. Every month, just like clock work. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had ‘Residual Income’ coming in every month, because the bills aren’t going to stop. With Network Marketing, you can make this happen, and it does. One of my mentors makes more in a week than the majority of people make in a year. I’m going to share a Youtube video with you, and I want you to keep in mind that this is a few months old, he’s doing even better now.

I belong to a bunch of affiliate programs, a lot of them that are on this web site, but the one I like the most is My Daily Choice. It’s so diversified, and all of the products that I’ve tried and used are top of the line. I use the Spray’s everyday and I can’t say enough about them. I believe ANYONE who tries them will be more than pleased. You can learn more about this Great Network Market right here at . Or you can go to the site listed below for a FREE tour. By the way, just like other great marketing companies, (like Amazon), you can sign up to this one for FREE also.

My Daily Choice

My Daily Choice

At My Daily Choice, they are 100% committed to providing their independent business owners and customers with the most attractive and highest quality product lines within top-trending industries. Their mission is to empower families around the world through good health, financial opportunities, and the smart daily choices that can deliver both. Your success is their success—they are invested in you! They are not just a one-product or one-ingredient company. Their industry-leading combination of products and services uniquely positions them to dominate multiple categories. They are constantly evaluating industry trends and best practices to ensure people around the world will want and need their products now and in the future. Many direct sellers are only worried about the “now,” but My Daily Choice offers a financial opportunity that can help you meet both your short- and long-term goals. Each of us defines success differently, but by becoming a MyDailyChoice Affiliate, you place your success in your own hands.

MyDailyChoice tour

The ‘My Daily Choice’ Story

JOSH AND JENNA ZWAGIL MET IN THE SUMMER OF 2014. They say it was love at first sight that brought them together, but their dedication to serving others is what really cemented their relationship. They had a vision and mission to change the world and that’s exactly what they set out to do. Before starting MyDailyChoice, Josh was the number one income earner for another company and grew a team of over 60,000 people around the world, with sales reaching $100 Million within 6 years. In November of 2014, Josh launched MyDailyChoice and Jenna quickly joined as an Affiliate. At the time, MyDailyChoice had three nutritional sprays: Peak, Boost, and Shield. Jenna dove in, head first, to build momentum as an Affiliate the only way she knew how—through social media. She created an online presence like no other. With her ability to uplift, encourage, inspire, and motivate, she quickly reached the top of the company until her health unexpectedly began to decline. Jenna was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder and grew more and more passionate about alternative and holistic health. Jenna decided to implement a gluten-free diet, and Josh joined in to support her. Although her health began to transform for the better, something was missing. She was still getting sick after eating. Her doctors informed her it was something she would just have to accept. Not willing to settle, Josh and Jenna began experimenting with CBD oil in 2016 after reading about its many benefits. Jenna experienced some relief, but they wanted more. Josh began searching for the purest form of CBD available and found it on a beautiful farm in Kentucky. Within a few hours of trying the oils Josh had sourced, Jenna began to feel better. Within a week, her health began to restore itself. Within a month, she felt like herself again. Jenna wanted to share CBD oil with the world. In fact, she told Josh if he didn’t get this product to the masses, she would, with or without him. It was THAT good. And so, Hempworx was born, within My Daily Choice.

To learn more, go to this link. Click here.

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